Easy Questions

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  • How often do you play soccer?
    a. On Tuesday.
    b. For two hours.
    c. Almost every day.
    d. With John.


  • Where do you usually eat lunch?
    a. Sandwich.
    b. With Jane.
    c. At 12:00.
    d. In the cafe.


  • How long did you study last night?
    a. With Bob.
    b. In my room.
    c. English.
    d. For two hours.


  • What kind of books do you like?
    a. Yes, I do.
    b. I like spy novels.


  • What kind of work do you do?
    a. I work every day.
    b. I'm a math teacher.
    c. I worked for two hours.


  • How many hours a day do you watch TV?
    a. About five hours.
    b. In my living room.
    c. I watch the news.
    d. On Tuesday.


  • What is your busiest day of the week?
    a. In the morning.
    b. Every day.
    c. Thursday.
    d. Last week.


  • My father is a good cook.
    a. I agree with you.
    b. I agree you.
    c. I agree to you.
    d. I agree for you.


  • What does "TV" mean?
    a. For one hour.
    b. Yes
    c. Television.
    d. For one hour.
    e. On Friday.


  • How do you spell "cat"?
    a. No
    b. C-A-T
    c. No
    d. I don't
    e. Cat.
    f. I have one dog.


  • What did you do yesterday?
    a. I am swimming.
    b. I swim.
    c. I will swim.
    d. I jogged.


  • What do you like to drink?
    a. Tea.
    b. Saturday evening.
    c. Two.
    d. With my friends.


  • What did you eat last night?
    a. At six.
    b. a sandwich.
    c. With my family.
    d. At home.


  • What are you doing?
    a. I'm eating.
    b. I ate.
    c. I will be eating.
    d. I have eaten.


  • What will you do this afternoon?
    a. I play soccer.
    b. I played soccer.
    c. I'll play soccer.
    d. I was playing soccer.


  • It seems to me that most soccer matches are too expensive?
    a. I don't think it.
    b. I don't think.
    c. I don't think so.


  • Where's Mary?
    a. At school.
    b. At eight.
    c. For three hours.
    d. No, he isn't.


  • Where do you do your homework?
    a. With John.
    b. In the evening.
    c. About one hour.
    d. Every day.
    e. At the library.


  • When did you go to that restaurant?
    a. Spaghetti.
    b. With Jane.
    c. Last weekend.
    d. About 30 minutes.


  • When was the last time you took a picture?
    a. A picture of Jane.
    b. Seven pictures.
    c. About five days ago.
    d. With my camera.


  • What were you doing last night at 11:00?
    a. I sleep.
    b. I slept.
    c. I will be sleeping.
    d. I was sleeping.


  • When will you mail that letter?
    a. Last night.
    b. To Jane.
    c. After work.


  • What are you going to do after dinner?
    a. I took a bath
    b. I'll take a bath.
    c. I take a bath.


  • How long have you been playing the guitar?
    a. About 50 cm.
    b. For four years.
    c. In my room.
    d. By myself.


  • How many hours a day do you sleep?
    a. I have slept 7 hours.
    b. I am sleeping 7 hours.
    c. I slept 7 hours.
    d. I sleep 9 hours.


  • How often do you write emails?
    a. Two pages.
    b. Two times an hour.
    c. Two people.
    d. Two hours.


  • Where can I buy beer?
    a. When you are twenty years old.
    b. About two bottles.
    c. With Jane.
    d. At a liquor store.


  • What's your favorite sport?
    a. Swim.
    b. Swimming.


  • When was the last time you went shopping?
    a. last weekend.
    b. Tomorrow.
    c. Near the Station.


  • How often do you talk on the telephone?
    a. At least once an hour.
    b. In the evening?
    c. For about 30 minutes.


  • How many times have you gone fishing?
    a. Three people.
    b. Three days.
    c. Three times.


  • When's her birthday?
    a. November two.
    b. November twice.
    c. November second.


  • Where are you from?
    a. LA.
    b. 1982.
    c. At school.


  • How do you get home?
    a. With train.
    b. In train.
    c. By train.